How to Check for Propane Leaks

Propane is one of the easiest ways to cook and use appliances when RVing or camping. However, with using propane comes risks. Propane can be a highly volatile, clear gas that can be ignited by a flame or static. It’s important that whenever you use propane you follow proper steps to avoid such danger. We’re going to show you the quickest way to check for propane leaks the next time you hit the road.

Checking for Propane Leaks

When using propane, the first thing to do is read all instructions that came with your grill, appliance or vehicle. Make sure you know how the propane is meant to be hooked up, what accessories you need and what type of propane you need. Some grills utilize camping propane, other use full-size tanks. Never exceed the recommended propane type for your set-up.

There are many third-party accessories and products on the market that help check for leaks. While some of these work and can be an added precaution, make sure you’re investing in something that works for your propane set-up. Any  propane leak  checkers that guarantee results or that will always find a leak shouldn’t be trusted. Nothing is foolproof.

By using a homemade propane leak solution, you can test  for propane leaks no matter what type of propane you’re using or your set-up. This solution is a soap and water-based liquid, which anyone can make at home before they hit the road. By filling a spray bottle with it, you can quickly detect a leak for cheap and rest assured that you’re safe to use your  propane tank.

Once you connect your propane to the grill or appliance, use the spray bottle to spray directly on where the two meet. Make sure to use a straight stream, not a broad one as the latter won’t have enough solution to show you if there’s a leak or not. If bubbles foam, you have a leak. The more bubbles, the larger the leak. If it’s a smaller leak, you’ll still be safe to use the tank although you’ll want to check all connections first and potentially replace a connection if necessary.

Propane leaks are a common thing for those using propane. The larger the leak, the more propane you’ll lose which can cause an issue when grilling or using appliances. If you have a large leak, you want to take care of it as soon as possible.